Gary Miceli has loved props/costumes from the moment he watched the movies on the big screen. When he was really young, he would always go to Planet Hollywood with his family when they would visit New Jersey. As soon as Gary stepped inside, something inside him lit up and he just wanted (and did!) take pictures of everything. Even at an early age, he had an amazing respect for these items. “To me, the props/costumes are part of the fabric of what dreams are made of”. Ever since then he’s been collecting props and replicas from some of his favorite movies (including Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Batman, Inspector Gadget, etc) for over 20 years. 


Besides collecting, Gary has also authenticated props for people including a pair of glasses from the Warner Brother’s movie Harry Potter. Authentication is a big part of what Gary is about “You HAVE to do your research and buy from companies you can trust.” “There are simple steps you can take and or ask the person your buying, such as where did he get it? Does it come with a COA/LOA? And if he doesn’t have one, where did it come from? Did he work on the movie? Was his best friend a part of the crew? Etc”. “Certain things to look for is the type of material it was made from. Lets say it’s a shirt that James Bond wore. Check the inside tag, the costume department usually puts the character or actors name in it. Was it custom made? Was it from a clothing company that does a lot of clothing for Hollywood?”. “Do your research, learn about the item you're buying from, and don’t make silly mistakes just because you're excited.”



Gary has decided to create Archives of Hollywood to share his knowledge because 30 years ago, props weren’t something people collected. Now the prop business is HUGE. All the major studios give tours and show you their props, and also keep all of their stuff locked up; only letting a few things out here and there. Props have become not just valuable, but for some people it's an investment. If you are investing your time and money into something you love so much, you should be prepared. He hopes this website will help and inspire everyone interested in learning more.




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Movie:    Jack Frost


Director:    James Wan

Quote:   " As long as you hold someone in your heart, you can never lose them " - Jack Frost



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