• Gary Miceli

COSTUMES: Complete Cylon From Battlestar Galactica

This is a complete Cylon costume and Display from Battlestar Galactica. This is a very, very special, instantly recognizable piece of history. This Cylon military robot costume is consisting of an Apogee constructed first-generation fiberglass helmet, vacuum formed gauntlets, armbands, shoulder pauldrons, chest plate, backpack, and shin guards. “Assembled on a gray stretch fabric 2-piece bodysuit with back zippered closure detailed with gray vinyl ring piping at waist, elbow joints, and neck, black vinyl arm sheathes, black vinyl stripe thigh pieces and vinyl hip stripes. Chain mail skirt at back. Repurposed black padded hockey gloves. Finished with the iconic Cylon camera belt with prefab leather tech belt subsidized with vacuum formed metalized "battery packs". Wrist gauntlets retain original tape circuitry. All vacuum form pieces retain original metalized finish. Only the backpack has been metalized. Costume accurate boots have been added for display. Helmet is outfitted with the iconic red cyclopean eye. Electronics untested. Metalized elements exhibit scuffing and chipping. In production used vintage very good condition.

“Entire display measures 79 in. tall by 39 in. wide by 21 in. deep”

This costume sold on December 18th, 2019 for $30,000 with the Profiles in History auction.


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