• Gary Miceli

COSTUMES: Data's Stunt Coat From The Goonies

This is Data's (Jonathan Ke Quan) stunt coat from Richard Donner's iconic film The Goonies. I believe, this is the only Data coat from the film ever to come up for auction, which makes this an exceptionally rare piece. "Data wore his distinctive long coat throughout the entire adventure that he and his friends went on to find infamous pirate One-Eyed Willy's long-lost treasure."

"This olive green cotton-and-polyester blend double-breasted trench coat is emblazoned with 28 distinct patches. Each patch was selected from leftover costume materials from previous productions. For example, Data's "Artanis Productions" ("Sinatra" spelled backwards) is believed to come from the 1965 film None But the Brave, while an Apollo 18 patch was likely made for the 1985 mini-series Space. The coat is labelled "stunt" on the interior. It exhibits some signs of wear from age and intentional distressing, including tears and fraying to the edges of the bottom and sleeves, and staining in shades of red, black, and brown throughout the piece. The staining may have occurred after production."


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