• Gary Miceli

COSTUMES: Elf - Buddy The Elf Outfit


A hero costume from a loved Christmas movie is a holy grail for the collectors! The treasure is Will Ferrell’s “Buddy” costume from Elf (2003). It is a complete “Buddy” hero costume. It is consisting of a fur trimmed green coat with green leather piping and gold and green floral embroidery down the front. Jacket with Carelli Costume label typed “Mr. Ferrell.” Includes wide black leather belt with metal buckle handwritten “Mr. Farrell undersized belt,”yellow leggings with typed Carelli label “Mr. Farrell,” distinctive black leather curl-toe shoes handwritten “Hero” inside, and pointed hat with satin band and pink feather trim with internal Carelli Costumes label typed “Mr. Ferrell” and handwritten tag “Buddy Hero 2.” This hero costume is mounted on a custom-made mannequin (for display). This costume Included a New Line COA.

This costume went for auction on July 21st, 2012 with ScreenUsed and was sold for $9,000


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