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COSTUMES: Gladiator Praetorian Guard

Ridley Scott’s Academy Award winning film Gladiator staring Russel Crowe is a masterful film for more than one reason. From the acting to the amazing detail. The costumes and props have got to be my favorite in this film. Just stunning work by the costume department. What went for auction is one of the Praetorian Guard Costumes.

This Praetorian Guard costume is complete with a sword, spear and shield. This piece is from After Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) became Emperor, he gained the Praetorian Guard, an elite unit of the Imperial Roman Army (as his personal bodyguards).

“The costume consists of black plastic lorica segmentata armor, greaves, and bracers, with leather straps and metal fasteners; brown-and-black leather pteruges; a dark purple woollen cape; a tunic; a pair of trousers; a black foam-padded fibreglass-and-plastic helmet with leather straps marked "SR16P"; a metal sword with a wooden handle and canvas sheath; a black-and-brown wooden spear; and a wood-reinforced resin scutum shield with a red-and-black canvas cover embossed with a laurel and lightning motif. It exhibits signs of wear, usage and age throughout, including various chips and scratches’

This went up for auction on September 30th, 2019 with The Propstore of London


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