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COSTUMES: Mork & Mindy - Mork's Instamatic Uniform Silver Space Glove with Practical Light-up Palm

Robin Williams tv series Mork and Mindy, what else can you say? Just simply a legendary actor with a great TV show. With the set to the cast to the iconic costumes. Well remember Mork’s gloves? Well one went up for auction!

An ‘Instamatic’ uniform silver space glove (with practical light-up palm) to be specific. “The silver spandex glove features a cotton tube inserted for structure, a rectangular bulb screwed into the palm, and two small metal contact plates embedded on the thumb and forefinger. Mork activates the glove’s other-worldly properties by touching these plates together, which lights up as he instructs “watch the flookie!” and takes an instamatic-style photograph.

The Instamatic glove first appears in the episode ‘Pilot’ (101) as part of Mork’s Orkan uniform. It also appears throughout the series and its promotional materials, the glove takes photographs and illuminates. The glove remains in excellent, production-used, vintage condition overall. “

(Provenance: Christie’s Auction #7117, December 12, 1990)

This glove went up for auction on December 1st, 2018 with the Propstore auction.


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