• Gary Miceli

COSTUMES: Neo's Combat Costume And Display From The Matrix

Warner Brother’s has some great, great films. One of the best trilogy’s they have ever done was the beloved Matrix series. What went up for auction was Keanu Reeves "Neo" combat costume and display from film The Matrix.

“This is an original life size custom-made figure constructed of cast silicone head and hands, expertly studio finished and painted with hand-punched hair and prosthetic grade glass eyes. Hands and head are attached to a soft sculptured posable mannequin and the assembled figure is dressed in "Neo's" (Reeves) screen worn combat costume of 32 Heat brand long sleeved shirt retaining costumer's tag handwritten, "Stunt, K. Reeves", tactical pants with handwritten on interior waistband, "K. Reeves" and boots. With screen accurate holster and web harness added as well as sunglasses, 2-plastic handguns and 1-cast rubber Uzi added to complete the display.”

“The figure measures 74 x 22 x 11 in. and is attached to a metal stand. In fine to very fine condition. This hyper realistic figure and display is a one-of-a-kind RubberLarry creation

This costume sold on December 19th, 2019 for $25,000 with the Profiles in History auction.





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