• Gary Miceli

COSTUMES: Robin's Costume From Batman Forever

This is Robin's (played by Chris O'Donnell) costume from Batman Forever (1995). "The character, Richard (Dick) Grayson, is first introduced in the movie, wearing this costume, as part of the high wire family Circus act called 'The Flying Graysons'. The key dramatic sequence ends with the death of his family caused by 'Two Face'. Subsequently he wears the costume, with the addition of the eye mask, to rescue Batman and the costume is also seen, folded neatly, within the 'Batcave' costume storage room. Comprises of a tailored one piece bodysuit, gloves with separate buckled 'gauntlets', belt with buckle and an Eye Mask. Bodysuit exhibits mild discoloration to the legs due to production use and one of the metal chest clasps is loose."

This costume was sold on November 15th, 2018 for $2,000 with the Ewbanks auction.


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