• Gary Miceli

DIY: Rebel without a cause - James dean white shirt

The iconic James Dean played Jim Stark in Rebel Without A Cause, and what fans love is his famous costume from that film.  Now, the shirt that he was wearing isn’t just a simple white t-shirt, it has a specific style.

James Dean’s screen used white shirt sold at a Nate D. Sanders auction in September 2012 for over $6,000 (https://natedsanders.com/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=8954)

As you can see, it's not only ribbed, but look at how high the sleeves come up in the design. After looking through shirt after shirt online, we have found something that’s pretty close to the original.


The shirt is very tight on Dean, remember he was a very thin guy so the size is most likely a small. What’s great about this buy is you get 6 of them, you can collect a few while putting together his costume.

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