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Accuracy is a big thing with replica collectors and who hasn’t seen replicas of the famous Grays Sports Almanac from Back to the Future Part 2?

It’s the key prop from the movie after all. I have seen them small to as big as magazines.

But thanks to the Prop Store of London (https://propstore.com), they previously auctioned a cover that custom-printed for the film and was made out of paper (https://propstoreauction.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/78/lot/18118/). They also included the dimensions of the unfolded cover. The dimensions are 30.5 cm x 22 cm (12” x 8 3/4”)

Also, currently they are selling one made from glossy paper (https://propstore.com/product/back-to-the-future-part-ii/lot-76-entertainment-memorabilia-live-auction-grays-sports-almanac-cover/) that was not attached to a book, and mounted on a sheet of poster paper. This in contrast, has the dimensions of 25.5 cm x 33 cm x 12.75 cm (10" x 13" x 1/4").

Both are indeed accurate because in movie making. Especially in a key prop such as the almanac, they will make quite a few of them in different but similar sizes. Not all the exact same sizes because maybe during a production, they go with another company to print them because of the cost. It also depends what the shot calls for, maybe one is a little bigger with more gloss to the cover, to really make it pop on screen in that scene. Which would make sense in the scenario of the current auction as this one in particular was used a copy of Grays Sports Almanac in an antique store window while in the year 2015. To be able to create that vibrancy through the window, using gloss instead of paper makes all the difference.

I found a great print-out version from TheRPF.com, The Replica Prop Forum is a great community for creating and building replicas from your favorite films. We took the one on the site and made the resolution high res in photoshop. Attached is the high res png to download below!

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