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OTHER: Indiana Jones Raiders Harrison Ford's script annotated

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

“Snakes…I hate snakes”

Famously said by Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Arc. One of Harrison’s best, most legendary movies in his career. Just the script is beautiful and guess what? They didn’t just sell the script. They sold Harrison Ford’s personal, annotated script. This piece is literally incredible. Original cloth-board bound complete revised fifth-draft script for Raiders. Used by Harrison Ford throughout filming, complete with color revision and daily hand-typed dialogue pages (showing folds and wear from carrying in Ford’s pocket).

" The majority of pages are individually rubber stamped “ROLA 103020” for security control purposes. Contains 145 pages, of which 112 sides have hand-annotations (over 1,300 words) penned by Ford in his distinctive block capital style of writing. Notes range from single words to complete pages of writing and cover all aspects of the film making process, ranging from dialogue alterations and questions about the plot to suggestions and perspectives used to create the iconic character of “Indiana Jones”. Of specific interest are:

- Ford’s concern about avoiding references to “Han Solo”-like behavior. - A list of hat related superstitions. - The dialogue for the famous line: “there's a big snake back here”. - Notes asking, “what exactly is a headpiece to a staff of ra?” - Direction suggestions on a number of scenes (Hawaii plane sequence, Tanis dig, etc.) - Thoughts about the depiction of drunken behavior (a side of the character that was eventually removed from the film). - Suggestions for background reading books (such as Temple of Solomon). "

The script remains in fine condition, with light wear and stains to covers, exhibiting normal signs of daily, on-set use.

The script sold at a Profiles in History auction December 18th, 2010 for $100,000


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