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OTHER: James Bond - Thunderball Car

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

“The names Bond…James Bond”

Arguably the most famous car from the James Bond films is the 1965 DB5 Aston Martin. One that was used to promote the James Bond film Thunderball has just sold in this year (2019) in Monterey, California for $6,385,000. The auction company behind the sale is RM Sothebys and It was once owned by Lord Bamford. It is now the most valuable DB5 ever sold at auction.

The car sold is not the one used in the filming, but it is an almost exact replica commissioned by film-maker Eon Productions. It was used at promotional events for Thunderball. It includes 13 modifications created for Bond, including a Browning .30-calibre machine gun in each bumper, tyre slashers mounted on its wheel hubs and a bulletproof rear screen that can be raised and lowered from behind the rear windscreen.



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