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PROPS: Jumanji Board From Jumanji

“Just roll the dice and ebay….what?”

That’s right! A screen used Jumanji Board from the Robin Williams classic was sold on eBay for $60,800 with 193 bidders. The bidding ended on Jan, 25th, 2014 at 3:00AM. Although there are more then one board made for the film. How do we know its authentic? Well this board came to Director’s Joe Johnston possession after he got a signed permission to sell the board from Studio director Michael Besman. The winner of the bid got the board, plus the signed COA with signatures from Michael Besman and Joe Johnston.

Fun fact: The owner of the original board, Joe Johnston had made slight modifications of the board to ensure it does not fall apart (There were hinges that were added to the original board, since the board had fallen a couple of times while filming).

Other modifications included new dice that were not in the original. According to the description on eBay, the dice used in the film were not meant to be seen. New dice had to be made and this replacement was necessary for ensuring that they worked effectively with the board. Despite these modifications, the board had no other major changes.


Even though your not with us anymore Robin, you’ll always be alive in my heart.

RIP Robin Williams

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