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COSTUMES: MEN IN BLACK: 1997 Tommy Lee Jones' Costume

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, that’s all you have to say and people know it’s the Men in Black. The chemistry and comedy between them is mesmerizing. But with the iconic duo, comes those famous black suits.

This is Tommy Lee Jones' Agent Costume from the first Men in Black. Film. Besides not having his famous Ray Bans, this is complete. It is comprised of a black suit jacket (with the initials T.L.J. written on the lining near the collar) and pants ("Tommy Lee" written inside the waistband), black tie, black shoes (Rockport size 9), and a white dress shirt ("Tommy Lee" written inside the collar). The costume is accompanied by COA from L.A. Prop & Wardrobe Co.

A great costume, it's in excellent condition and to be complete is just exceptional.

This costume was sold at Heritage Auctions October 8th, 2006 for $700.


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