• Gary Miceli

OTHER: A Piece Of The Hollywood Sign

Of all the pieces of film history out there, out of all the props, costumes, etc. The Hollywood sign is something that everyone knows, its simply a magic piece of the history of cinema. The sign has been in more movies/tv shows then any other. "It is shown on the front cover of many DVDs, shown in the background in many movie scenes, and even a key prop in others."

"This is an original 6" x 6" metal section of the letter "H" from the original Hollywood Sign. It is number 95 of 95 sections released in this edition. The dimensions of this framed display is approximately 29.5" wide by 23.5" tall. A small piece of paint is loose from the piece and can be seen inside the matting."

This piece sold on August 25th, 2018 for $950 with the Screenused auction.


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