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OTHER: Bumblebee Jeep From Bumblebee

"In the new movie, Bumblebee (2018), Bumblebee starts off as a Willys Jeep in the forest fighting off military and Decepticons. Rumor is that he is damaged and right before shutting down scans a Volkswagen Beetle. He then continues through the rest of the movie as a Beetle."

"This is the hero Jeep that was used as Bumblebee in the first part of the movie. The entire vehicle was painted yellow based on a paint sample from earlier Bumblebee vehicles. The production then painted most of the chassis components black. We believe that a lot of the "dirt" on the body is actually painted on by the production, though we are not going to attempt to clean it. The bright pink reference tape marks are still on the vehicle for use in lining up post production CGI work."

"The chase scene was filmed in the mountains of southern California, and the Ford Raptor camera vehicle broke down chasing the Jeep. The Willys runs and drives, though it does leak oil."

- "1941-45 Willys MB"

- "Original chassis with replacement body manufactured in the Philippines"

- "Willys L134 Go Devil straight-4 engine"

- "3-speed manual transmission"

- "4 wheel drive"

- "Measures approximately 132" long, 62" wide, 64" tall"

"This is your chance to own the very first vehicle Bumblebee becomes when he reaches Earth." Just an incredible opportunity to buy a great, great piece from this movie.

"This vehicle is sold with a Bill of Sale only, no title or registration. Special shipping arrangements for this lot. Once you have arranged your choice of packing and shipping vendor, ScreenUsed will coordinate with them for pickup."

This jeep sold on August 25th, 2018 for $27,500 with the Screenused auction.


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