• Gary Miceli

OTHER: Dracula 1931 - Original Poster

A one-sheet Dracula poster from the 1931 Universal film is among the rarest, most important posters of all time. With only 2 known examples to exist, Heritage Auctions sold one in November of 2017 for $528,800. This poster is a Style A (27" X 41"). Is it ALL original? Well it has been restored. There werepinholes in the corners and a small quarter coin size hole that was repaired in the right horizontal fold approximately 2 inches away from Lugosi's chin.

Also, There was very slight centerpoint paper loss and some small amount of fold separations. The colors have been enhanced in some areas of the poster due to uneven wear and the yellow in the title was touched up due to slight grease pencil bleedthrough.

This is not only one of the most important posters in the entire world, but it made the world record as the most expensive movie poster ever sold.



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