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OTHER: Piece Of The Orca From Jaws

Universal Studios film Jaws, what else do you need to say? The Orca, although you cant get the entire thing. A piece of it went up for auction! Actually, a large section of the fiberglass hull from the "Sinking Orca" used during filming of the shark's final attack on the boat. This impressive section measures 22.5" wide x 11.5" tall.

“The "Sinking Orca" was part of the private collection of Lynn Murphy (boat wrangler on the film) and sat on his property from the time filming was complete and had slowly deteriorated over the years. This section was given by Murphy in 1995 to Michael Roddy who produced the Jaws documentary titled "The Shark Is Still Working" for the 30th anniversary DVD release of Jaws.”

This piece was sold on March 9th, 2013 for $1,000 with the Screenused auction.


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