• Gary Miceli

OTHER: Production Clapperboard From Black Hawk Down

This is a production clapperboard from Ridley Scott's film Black Hawk Down.

"This black-and-white clapperboard is made of wood, plastic and metal, with magnets inserted into the wooden sections. It features black-and-white lettering, which reads "A Jerry Bruckheimer Production 'BLACK HAWK DOWN' DIR: RIDLEY SCOTT D.P. SLAWOMIR IDZIAK ROLL C 463 SCENE 2C TAKE 4 SEPIA 3 DATE: 28.6.01 SEPIA 2". Two pieces of tape have been attached to the front, one of which reads "28FPS" and the other "90°". There is smudging on some of the letters on the front, chipping on the wooden section of the slate and a piece of black Velcro attached to the back."

"Dimensions: 28 cm x 24.25 cm x 2.5 cm (11" x 91/2" x 1")"


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