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PROPS: Bone Kitchen Knife From The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This is a bone kitchen knife from Tobe Hooper’s horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). "Many household objects found in Leatherface’s (Gunnar Hansen) home were made from bones and body parts, including knives found on the wall of the kitchen where he savagely murdered Kirk (William Vail), Pam (Teri McMinn) and Jerry (Allen Daniziger)."

"The handle of the knife is made of animal bone, with a rusty serrated metal blade. The blade has been crudely attached to the inside of the bone handle using a large metal screw and washer. A short length of leather thong, which would have been used to secure it to the set wall, has fallen away from the knife due to age. The knife is accompanied by an autographed photograph of Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface. Created by the production to appear worn and well-used, the knife remains in very good condition."

"Dimensions (knife): 41.5 cm x 20.5 cm x 8.5 cm (16 ¼” x 8 ¼” x 3 ¼“)"

"(photograph): 50 cm x 40 cm (19 ¾” x 15 ¾”)"

This prop was sold on September 20th, 2018 for $9,000 with the Propstore auction.


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