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PROPS: Gas gun from The Green Hornet

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This is Van Williams "Britt Reid" Hornet "gas" gun from the 60s TV show The Green Hornet.

“This "gas" gun is constructed of carved wood, textured grip and Green Hornet design motif, with barrel and upper casing of metal. The base of the grip features a discreet spring-loaded door that the compressed air line would run through and depressible metal trigger at the rear of the casing. For the gas scenes, the compressed air line would be concealed in the actor's sleeve.”

“The gun is visible in early filmed garage segments when the Hornet checks his weapons and inserts a "gas" cartridge in the gun before he and "Kato" (Bruce Lee) roll out in "Black Beauty". The guns went through three primary paint schemes until one was found that would photograph best on screen. This prop is studio painted silver. Exhibiting some paint chips around the grip.”

"Measuring 9.5 x 5 in. "

This gun sold on December 18th, 2019 for $4,500 with the Profiles in History auction.


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