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PROPS: My Favorite Martian - Uncle Martin's Spaceship Full-SIzed

What a special prop is the only way to describe this one. From the golden years of movies/tv is the Full Sized spaceship from this Sci-Fi classic sitcom’s, My Favorite Martian.

“Uncle Martin’s (Ray Walston) full-sized metal and fiberglass spaceship from the sci-fi sitcom My Favorite Martian. The sleek, single-passenger, elliptical spaceship is painted a glossy aluminum color and has three retractable landing legs. Its aerodynamic design is modeled on the futuristic Jaguar E-Type sportscar, which was unveiled in 1961 to much acclaim. The ship features reverse gullwing doors with quilted black vinyl walls, hanging hooks affixed to the hull (for shots that required the ship to hover), and a metal seat. An operational red light in the interior, a motion-sensor light that illuminates the deep hull of the ship, and a lighting unit within the recessed tip of the craft were added after production and are each battery-powered.

Following production, the spacecraft was displayed for years at the Southern California attraction Cars of The Stars. Upon acquisition in the early 1990s, the Comisar Collection engaged Disney artist Chris Koon to carefully restore the craft back to its original appearance. As a result, it presents to be in excellent vintage condition overall. “

The ship is seen in various scales, but this is the only full-sized craft made for the series, With the dimensions of: 117” x 55” x 37” (297 cm x 139 ½ cm x 94 cm)

The sold on December 11st, 2018 for $80,000 with the Propstore of London auction.


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