• Gary Miceli

PROPS: Post-It Note pRAYERS and Folder From Bruce Almighty

“Smite me, almighty smiter”, That’s one of my favorite lines from Universal Studios 2003 film Bruce Almighty. Usually background props are pretty generic and plain but this is actually something really cool. What went up for auction was a set of prop Post-it note prayers that were used as set dressing in Bruce's room when he tries to answer everyone's prayers. And one of God's folders labeled "BLASPHEMOUS RANTING".

“The set consists of two 8.5" x 11" photocopied pages that features several notes and several individual notes, some of the individual notes are stuck to the pages. This folder was one of several contained in God's filing cabinet and is blank on the inside. The folder measures 9" x 14" and is in very good condition.”

This prop went for auction on July 21st 2012 with the Screenused auction.


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