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PROPS: Seinfeld Newman's Dippy Duck Lamp

If you look at the best TV shows of all time, Seinfeld is one of the top 10. Just such an iconic show with so many wonderful things attached to it. Just the catchphrases are so well known. From “But I don’t want to be a pirate!” to “What’s the deal with…”. The show is timeless, classic and still hugely popular. Written by Jerry Seinfeld (also star) and Larry David. The prop’s are extremely hard to find and a holy grail for any collector.

What was put up for auction by ScreenUsed was a custom-made by the production. But it comes with something really quite special. It was for use as set dressing in the Buddy Winkler Productions office for Jim Carrey's first TV series "The Duck Factory".  The lamp wound up in the studio's prop department after Duck Factory's short run. It remained there until Seinfeld's set decorators placed it in Newman's apartment..

“The lamp features the figure of "Dippy Duck" (The creation of Buddy Winkler Productions). The lamp is made of resin and measures 19" x 8.5" x 7". The lamp was then used in Newman's apartment as set dressing in "Seinfeld" episodes including "The Andrea Doria." The lamp is clearly seen behind Newman & Jerry as they sit on Newman's couch.”

This prop went up for auction on March 20th, 2016 by ScreenUsed


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