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PROPS: Stormtrooper Blaster From Return Of The Jedi

This is an Imperial Stormtrooper screen used non-firing blaster from arguably, the best Star Wars film ever made (Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi). This movie relic went up for auction as well!

“The iconic Stormtrooper blasters from Return of the Jedi were built on replica Sterling submachine guns made by "Model Gun Corporation" in Japan, known for crafting hyper-realistic non-firing reproductions. Because of this, the safety works, the stock folds, and the trigger pulls. Most of the dressing on this example is original including the U-shaped cooling fins over the vent holes, the scope itself, scope ring, scope rail, and the other small greeblie (rectangular) on the side. Of note, the back half of scope is a real scope, with a lens- other ROTJ trooper guns of this type usually have machined, replica scopes. Replica parts on this gun include the front part of the scope, the greeblie on top of the scope rail in front of the scope, and the two "gun hammer" looking greeblies on the side. These elements were all replicated using parts cast off of originals to complete the piece. Also unique is the small reflective disk on the side of the grip, which is covering up the manufacturer's logo. This has not been seen on other trooper guns. The most complete, original blaster we have handled from the original Star Wars trilogy. Measures 26.75 in. long (with stock extended) and comes with a custom display stand.”

This blaster sold on December 19th, 2019 for $95,000 with the Profiles in History auction.


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