• Gary Miceli

PROPS: Three Stooges - Mallet

The Three Stooges, that’s all you have to say. They have been gone for a while now but still have a huge fanbase. The style of slapstick has and will never get old with people of all ages. Now, there are things that are not just cool, they are important. The Ruby Slippers, those are important. The Kong armature, that is important. This piece is important. This is a hero stunt mallet used by the Stooges in there films. It is so rare to find anything from this time period of great film/television, but to have something from the Stooges is unheard of.

“This is a 12 in. long mallet with a 5 ½ in x 2 in. diameter rubber head. The lightweight wood and sponge hammer was a stunt prop that would have been used to simulate the bonking of many a “knucklehead”. The well-staged, over-the-top theatrical violence of this group carried them from stage to the big screen and onto TVs everywhere. This is a rare piece of 3 Stooges history that would have been a staple of their routine. The mallet was painted to look like a real sledgehammer. The sponge rubber head has deteriorated but is now petrified.”

This prop mallet sold for $1,500 on July 31st, 2012 with the Profiles in History auction.


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