• Gary Miceli


Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the 1988 movie staring Christopher Lloyd, Bob Hoskins and Charles Fleischer. What a cult-classic movie that people of all ages enjoy! It mixed great acting, fun laughs and is a great mix of live action and animation.  Of course, with any fun movie, the props have to be out there…right? Well one prop that didn’t sell but a very good lesson in film is this stand-in.

A Roger Rabbit stand-in was up for Auction by Profiles in History. But before we get into that, you might be thinking what is a “stand-in?”

Well, it is a life-sized dummy of the character. The figure is used on set for live actors to react to, interact with and even wrestle. They have used this tactic for other movies like Garfield and Space Jam.

This stand-in Roger Rabbit is a 43 in. x 36 in. foam rubber rehearsal dummy. It’s composed of cast, solid foam rubber over a bendable, poseable wire armature. The figure is fully painted. The rubber remains supple overall but does exhibit some stiffening of thinner portions. The paint is still fresh with some signs of production wear and cracking from age.


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