• Gary Miceli

PROPS: Wizard Of Oz - Carriage

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most important movies in film history. With its costumes to the famous Jack Haley as the Tin Man. One of the props is on sale now, and you can buy it…plus it has a history other then the one from Oz.

The original Horse of a Different Color Carriage from the film was used in the film toward the 2nd half of the movie. We all remember the horses licking themselves, right? Well the reason for that is they were covered in Jell-O!

This Carriage has a history as well. Before its use in Oz, it was first owned by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and used during the Civil War.

How much is it? 10 million dollars, but for its history, I'd say it's priceless.


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