• Gary Miceli

REPLICA: Ghostbusters - Proton Pack

“Who ya gonna call?” Well Ghostbusters of course. What’s something from that movie that the fans love? Yup! The proton pack. Created by Egon Spengler in the films as played by Harrold Ramis. But the thing is, who makes the best packs? There are quite a big of replicas out there and there have been for quite a few years. I present, the best pack out there.

Bob’s Prop Shop has the best packs you can find. Everything on it is screen accurate to the film as you can get. It literally looks like you grabbed it out of your TV. I have seen a screen used pack, I have seen different replicas out there so I was skeptical. Everyone out there claims to be “the best”. I was able to hold, look at, and have this pack on my back as well. I can say from first hand, it is literally the best out there.

Let’s talk about the shell for example, this is something people have gotten wrong, the placement on the pack, the size, the color. Well I can assure you Bob’s shell was sourced from a real screen used, production made mold. So it's as close as you're gonna find. It is made from layers of fiberglass as well.

You can get this premium pack (lights and sounds) for $3,000 plus shipping. Also I might add, if you want just a shell for your collection, or you need a bumper guard replacement for your pack... then you can order individual parts as well from Bob (which is great because we know how much people love to build there own stuff)


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