• Gary Miceli

REPLICAS: Harry Potter Wand

“Expecto Patronum!!!!!” Is what Harry Potter said quite a few times in the beloved series. Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe has ton’s of magic in it, especially, the wands. But with all the replicas out there, who makes the best? Not a question at all, its Noble Collection. They have been making the iconic replica wands for years. Which wand’s do they have? Well id say quite a few. Ranging from Harry’s to Professor Snape’s, even up to Dean Thomas’s wand. They don’t just have just the wands too! They have collections, display’s and even a remote control Harry wand (that controls any IR device with a flick of the wrist)

Each wand comes complete with a replica of the original Ollivanders box (Unless you buy one of the other products). Also they range about 14 inches in length, they are made from a resin material and go from $32.50 to up.


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