• Gary Miceli

REPLICAS: Star Trek Next Generation - communicator badge

“Make it so”. Everyone knows those famous lines from Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart in the beloved series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Company Quantum Mechanix Inc. is putting out something super cool for fans of the series. The communicator badge!!! These are rendered in gold and silver-finished metal. They are screen-accurate (1:1 scale). Not only that, but this beautiful piece was crafted using one of the few remaining sets of original molds for the ones on screen. Also, a huge plus is you do not have to poke holes in your costume to put this on, this has a clasp. This clasp uses strong short-field magnets that are imbedded in the badge and the glossy black-plate.

Also, a screen-used badge was used to get the colors and paint details correctly. Just what a cool thing to have in your collection. This badge is the best of the best, its literally the closest thing you can get to a real screen used badge.

You can pre-order them on EntertainmentEarth.com for $19.99 plus shipping, etc


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