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PROPS: STAR TREK Original Series Klingon Disrupter

Incredible, to say the LEAST! Star Trek is one of the most beloved science fiction tv series’ in the world. Where did it all start? Well with the fabulous creator, Gene Roddenberry. The series got so popular during the re-runs, that soon, a motion picture had to be made.

This is a Klingon Disrupter from the Original Series and also it was later refinished during pre-production on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. But ultimately, the disruptor props from The Original Series were not utilized for filming on The Motion Picture. This and other props were refreshed by Rubin for potential use in the film, including fresh blue-grey paint, though the wood body exhibits still numerous chips and marks beneath the fresh paint indicative of use in The Original Series.

This custom-made prop weapon features a hand-carved wood body and handle, an aluminum barrel with a narrow, cylindrical muzzle, a line motif on the aluminum cylinders, and a crosshatch pattern on the side plates. Dimensions: 13 ½” x 3 ½” x 7” (34 ½ cm x 9 cm x 18 cm)

Provenance? This wood prop was acquired from the Comisar Collection, which came directly from the propmaster’s family (Richard Rubin), so you can’t get much better then that.

This sold on December 1st, 2018 for $40,000



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